Manfred G. Ismair PhD

Manfred G. Ismair PhD

Transporter Expert

Manfred is the Transporter Expert, and a founding member of the XenoGesis team.

He is an experienced scientist in the fields of DMPK, molecular/cell biology and drug transport and joined XenoGesis following 5 years in the Discovery DMPK department at AstraZeneca Charnwood, where he was a member of the Local and Global Drug Transporter Network and the Global Reactive Metabolite Action Group. Prior to this, he worked with Prof. G.A. Kullak-Ublick (Grosshadern Medical Centre at the University of Munich ) and Prof. P.J. Meier-Abt (University Hospital of Zurich) on research in the field of bile salt and drug transport.

Manfred carried out his PhD (Dr.rer.nat.) research in a collaborative effort between the University and the Technical University of Munich investigating the role of proteases in acute leukemia. He graduated as a biologist (‘Diplombiologe’) from the University of Regensburg, Germany.

He has published fourteen papers in peer-reviewed journals, written two book chapters and has presented at numerous national and international scientific conferences.

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