A bitter pill to swallow

A bitter pill to swallow
November 20, 2017 suecarr

XenoGesis will be presenting at Juniper Pharma Service’s paediatrics seminar on the 5th and 6th December 2017.

The two-day event takes place at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel and addresses the challenges and advances in the development of medicines for children.

Developing paediatric medicines

The development of medicines for children presents many challenges. A lot of medicines for oral administration are tablets and capsules, which are not easy for a child to swallow and certainly inappropriate for babies.

Then there are the complications of making the medicines palatable, and the differences in physiology between children and adults need to be taken into consideration.

Challenges and advances

In recent years there have been major changes in the children’s medicines field, in the way that medicines are regulated and in the available presentations. Juniper’s seminar aims to spark the debate.

Graham Trevitt, Director of DMPK Consultancy, Modelling and Simulation at XenoGesis, joins the select group of experts invited to share their ideas and provide insight into the challenges, current opinions and ‘best practice’ in providing new medicines for children. Graham will talk about the impact modelling and simulation software, GastroPlus, can have on paediatric PK simulation.

Find out more and register

The free seminar will address all of these issues…and more, with speakers who are experts in a variety of different facets relating to paediatric pharmaceutics and healthcare, sharing their knowledge and experience. Register today.