The Role of Dose Prediction in Increasing Success of Early Drug Development

The Role of Dose Prediction in Increasing Success of Early Drug Development
November 28, 2017 suecarr

XenoGesis is joining forces with Juniper Pharma Services to host a seminar on ‘The role of dose prediction in increasing success of early drug development’ on the 12th December at BioHub, Alderley Park.

Gaining a thorough understanding of the chemical and pharmacological attributes of a drug substance through preclinical studies is paramount for providing an effective dosage form for first-in-human clinical trials. Yet often insufficient consideration is given to ‘knowing the compound’ before selecting a presentation for clinical evaluation. In particular, an accurate prediction of an appropriate dose range is vitally important for adopting the most appropriate formulation strategy for the compound. If the formulation is not suitable to deliver the required quantity of the drug then the outcome of the clinical trial may be compromised.

Juniper Pharma Services and XenoGesis work together successfully to provide an integrated biopharmaceutics service offering. The unique combined approach helps to remove the gap between ‘chemical’ and ‘biological’ to provide the most effective drug delivery solutions.

Richard Weaver joins Rob Harris to provide an insight into how our joint, consultative approach to drug development can help in understanding the absorption and clearance characteristics of a drug substance and how these properties will influence dose prediction and selection of an appropriate formulation strategy.

The seminar is set to start at 11am with registration, and delegates are invited to join us for lunch after the presentations. For more information or to register your attendance, click here.