Pharmacology Assay Development

Pharmacology Assay Development

Cell Biology Expertise

Our expertise in cell biology enables us to develop, validate and perform cell-based assays using a wide range of primary cells and cell lines.

We have considerable experience in using a number of cell types for functional assays. This experience enables us to provide advice and deliver cell-based assays to align with your projects.

Cell-Based Assay Development

We can deliver assay development for a range of cell-based assays incorporating end-points such as cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, receptor up-regulation, chemotaxis and metabolic read-outs. This assay development can be tailored to characterise the pharmacological properties of modulatory agents or for target validation purposes. We are also able to offer gene expression services for cell-based assays.

In addition, we can provide bioassay development for samples such as conditioned media, cell lysates or whole cells by employing ELISA and immunocytochemical techniques.

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